Daniel Martin Diaz

From Juxtapoz:

LAURA HINES: So how do you see humanity grappling with these questions of consciousness as the earth’s resources shrivel and our sun slowly dies?

DANIEL MARTIN DIAZ: Here we are as humans on Earth and at some point we have to leave because of the lack of resources. In a larger sense, at some point the universe will reach a constant. Atoms will stop vibrating, heat will dissipate and will reach absolute zero. Because humans have to leave the Earth to find resources, and because the universe is approaching absolute zero, we’ll have to evolve beyond our biological selves. We’ll have to merge with electronic components. The next phase beyond consciousness is in computer systems. They don’t need biological cells anymore, so computers can exist in space without the resources our organic bodies need.

By us evolving and merging with technology, as the universe gets colder, we try to fight our demise. But once we’re robots in space, even robots can’t function in absolute zero. We will reach the point where our collective consciousness leaves its robotic systems and becomes a glob of consciousness in space. Since it’s the consciousness of humanity and all living creatures combined, it’s super intelligent, and has figured out how to manipulate time in order to avoid reaching absolute zero. It’s the last leg of existence, buying time. And there’s this concept that the super intelligent glob of consciousness will somehow punch a hole into the universe next to ours and start the process of existence all over again.

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I saw Diaz’s work at the Outsider Art Fair a couple months back and was totally blown away. So far out. So tuned in.